Juried Printmaking Show

Thom Hindle Gallery at the Woodman, 15 Summer St, Dover, NH, June 14 - July 28, 2019

Local printmakers display their work Wednesday to Sunday, 10AM - 4PM. Admission to the exhibition is free.

I'm showing my Ingles Tavern and Fire Tiki block prints.

All the prints in the show are for sale.

Ingles Tavern, block print, 2018, 6 x 8".



I photograph the telling details of human effort, as shown in built spaces, disused signs, surfaces with history.


My subject is the feel of a place, the vibe of a found still life, the quiet of a place temporarily uninhabited.


I make comics out of everything. Check out "Life Was Hard," a memoire zine, and "You Can't Do That With Comics," a zine of experimental comics.


I combine gelatin monoprint textures, watercolored and watercolor pencil elements.

Block Prints

I like the simplicity, both in terms of detail and the balance of dark and light.


Game mechanics and theme design fascinate me.

Curious Surfaces 8336, archival digital print, 13" x 19"

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